Sport & active holidays in Austria - Seefeld in Tyrol

Interactive Map of Seefeld
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Hiking vacations

Untroubled days are possible. Letting your soul float free is possible. Feeling what it means to be in the here and now. Not thinking about a thing - because here’s what we do for you. With our new special package, your vacation becomes even more enjoyable, and is enriched by a convenient idea. We pamper you with the Bergland hiking backpack (included in hiking and active packages).

Depending on your needs, it is ready and waiting for you every single day - fully packed.
You reserve your backpack at the reception on the evening.

Cycling & E-Bikes

Olympiaregion Seefeld, laced with a biking trail network of about 570 km, is considered a genuine paradise for bikers of every hue and colour. And for all those who love easy-going cruising and prefer to arrive at their destination without working up a sweat, there are 70 E-bikes by Cube available at 17 rental stations.

Rent your e-bike directly at hotel Bergland (surcharge/included in e-bike packages)

Golfing in Seefeld

In both Wildmoos and in the Golf Academy Seefeld, qualified golf pros are available to assist you with your game – but beware - once you’ve been infected with the golf virus there’s no escaping the lure of this unique sport.

There are many other attractive golf courses in the region’s immediate surroundings, an hour's drive away at the most – pure, unadulterated golfing pleasure guaranteed!

Find out more about your golf holiday in hotel Bergland, Seefeld, here!


The outer loop of the roller area is 3.3 km long and can be infinitely expanded in both length and height. Its average width is 3 meters. The route in the Casino Arena and in Möserertal make possible a combination of varying grades of difficulty for individual, custom-designed training programmes.

Because of the designed direction of the route into Casino Arena and directly to the shooting range, a combined running and shooting training for biathlon athletes is also possible.