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Bergland - Your 4 Star Hotel in Seefeld Tyrol

The 4 star Hotel Bergland in the centre of Seefeld in Tyrol launches the all.inclusive concept to a brand new galaxy, yet keeps its foundations firmly on the earth in Tyrol. The fine art of making everything possible, yet staying authentic to the core has won the acclaim of our hotel's guests far and wide, from all over the world. That’s why everyone who has experienced it wants more, desires to come back and enjoy their winter vacation or summer holidays with us again.

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Our Nordic.Spa, the delicious energy cuisine and our all-encompassing culture of pampering guests are but a few of the reasons. The backdrop of nature in which the hotel nestles will dazzle you. Not just the peaks, but the valleys as well. Every minute of every day, you can savour a stage setting no theater on earth can give you.

Furthermore, nature provides the perfect framework for just about any sports & outdoor activity you can imagine.

Hotel Bergland - Modern.Beautiful.

Yet with a rustic approach.

When we promise you typical Tirolean impulses at our hotel in Seefeld, what we mean is not some well-preserved, old fashioned architecture from yesteryear. Rather, we place zesty new accents in providing you snuggly, old style comfort in sparkling, contemporary form.

That is the aesthetic guideline we followed in re-designing our lobby. For example, our selection of materials reflects the profound bond with nature which is typical of Tyrol in Austria. Noble larch wood encases the bar and panels the walls in the lounge, contrasting piquantly with the modern textiles and forms. For example, with snowy white corian and the stark, straight lines of the furniture.

Even the palette of colors melds lusciously with the tasteful wood background, creating a new-and-natural alpine nest, intercepted by striking reds and greens as a special note.

To put it briefly, you will feel simply great in our new lobby.